Everyone responds differently to acupuncture. Often, a patient will feel relaxed and loose, but it is not uncommon to feel minimal soreness after a session. Patients usually feel the full effects from the treatment the following day.

After a treatment, it is recommended to avoid strenuous activity and let the body relax to fully absorb acupuncture's effects. If cupping was done, the patient should cover up and try to avoid showering for two to three hours. Overall the body should feel closer or fully back to a normal balanced state. 

An initial consultation and treatment can take up to one and a half hours. A complete medical history is taken, an oriental medical diagnosis performed, and a treatment is administered. Follow-up visits typically require about an hour. 

The treatment can include acupuncture followed by cupping if necessary or if the patient desires. Acupuncture needles are ultra thin and flexible, thereby permitting a nearly painless insertion. You may feel some heaviness, distention, tingling, or electric sensation either around the needle or traveling up or down the affected meridian. However, you should feel relaxed during treatment and post-treatment.

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Try to avoid strenuous exercise or showering for two to three hours after appointments. Muscles may feel mildly sore the next day, but most patients feel more agile within a day or two.



Treatment will be performed in a private room with relaxing music if requested. Feel free to chat or enter a state of meditation -- whatever makes you feel the most relaxed and comfortable.



It is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid eating heavy meals or caffeine before appointment times.



During the initial consultation, a complete medical history will be documented, and the benefits of acupuncture in regard to your personal case will be explained.



Athletes all over the world are turning to sports acupuncture to proactively avoid getting hurt and promote recovery when an injury is sustained. Sports acupuncture is used to speed heal, relieve pain, and increase muscle strength and stamina. This approach will involve working on the local site of the injury as well as distal areas of the body that are connected to the same meridians of the specific injury. This treatment promotes blood circulation to the injury to increase the body’s potential to heal itself and improve overall well being.

Sports Therapy/ Pain Management 

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Cupping is a suction technique that uses heat with glass or plastic cups to create a vacuum effect over specific area(s) of the body. Cupping is often used on the back, shoulders and neck to increase circulation, reduce muscle tension, and clear respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, and congestion.


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Auricular acupuncture, also referred to as ear acupuncture, views the ear as a microsystem of the body and is proven to be effective in treating pain, indigestion, PMS, stress, anxiety, insomnia,  addiction, and weight loss support. In an ear acupuncture treatment, a brief medical intake and diagnosis will be performed before thin acupuncture needles are inserted into specific points around the ear. Needles are retained for approximately 15 minutes with total appointment time lasting 20-25 minutes.

auricular Acupuncture

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Sometimes called electro-stimulation or e-stim, electro-acupuncture is a technique where the tips of acupuncture needles are attached to a small device which transmits gentle electrical currents through the needles. This painless technique is frequently used to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and effectively controls chemotherapy-induced nausea.

Electrical Stimulation

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Herbal medicine is one of the more important treatments used in traditional Chinese medicine. An herbal medicine prescription is often a combination of many herbs with one or two main ingredients that target the illness and other ingredients that individualize the formula to the patient’s specific condition. Herbal therapy not only includes formulas, but can also be presented in the form of herbal rubs, creams, or patches to help reduce pain and increase body healing to specific areas. 

Herbal Therapy 

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Nutrition and diet are points of concerns in today’s society where we have an abundance of food and diet choices. Nutrition education can help fine tune one’s diet to help them achieve their overall goals and optimum health. Supplementation is sometimes needed to correct a deficiency or excess body imbalance caused by a lack of specific vitamins or minerals the body needs to function properly. 

Nutrition & Supplements

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